Tuesday, June 20, 2017

New Year, New TdFleece ... again

Looked at my last post and it was 4 years ago that I was working on starting the Tour de Fleece with Susan Sarabasha of Susan's Spinning Bunny.  

This is a wonderful place to post photos and talk about what we are doing.  I have also decided to do more spinning this year.  

It was just about 4 years ago that I got sidetracked into the not inexpensive medium of hooking rugs.  I have yet to hook a rug, but I have done a chair pad and a table runner. I finished a few mats, but not a real rug.  They take a long time and honestly, there are not many patterns I like that I would put on my floor.  The key words there are "I like".  I have seen many beautiful rugs completed in the last four years.  I admire them, but not any I would put on my floor.  Too flowery, too dull, too patriotic, etc.  

Rug hooking appealed to my design and color  senses.  I am still working on a picture of a wolf that I started in a class at my rug hooking group.  

This is "Wolfie" :

I am still working on him, and do plan to finish and hang him.  I might have to pull out some wool in order to make him look more dangerous.  I think that will happen around the eyes. But I like this project and when he is finished, I would like to do some dogs.  Probably my buddy Andy and maybe cousin Carol's love, Waffles. 

Animal portraits are very rewarding.

While many of my friends buy and dye lots of colorful wool fabrics to cut up and use in their work, I like hooking with yarn.  So if I keep spinning, I can use the yarn in rug works. This is a picture I did of a fish that is mostly handspun, hand dyed yarn. I did add in some colorful ribbon. 


and a steampunkish red chicken

I found a few other finished projects while I was looking for these.  I may post them later.

But, they are not rugs, but do appeal to my love of design and color.

Spinning for the Tour de Fleece starts on July 1st to coordinate with the Tour de France.  See you then. Hopefully I will find time and will remember to post.