Sunday, March 7, 2010

... and it only took me all afternoon!

My granddaughter is now seven.  When she was born, her mom asked me if I would tat the lace for the trim on her christening gown -  I took a deep breath and wondered (being new to tatting then) how long it would take me and could I do it in time.  I said yes and decided to do a foot a night until it was done.  Below is a sample of the lace.

Because they live about 600 miles from here & I live in upstate NY I wanted to be sure she liked what I did - so here is the sample I sent down. It is definitely beginner's lace, but it worked.  

I finished on time, and here is the picture of my beautiful granddaughter in her christening gown with the lace border on the hem.  

Now seven years or so later, I am starting all over again -  and here is a picture of the flower it took me all afternoon to do.  (After several emails to my instructor, Sherry Townsend - Celtic DreamWeaver, for help).  

What fun.  Hopefully, I will get better.  


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The days March on.....

My friend Cyn-d and I have been quilting on Mondays.  We took a trip down to Material Rewards last week for some background fabric for her work in progress.  We are both putting together our own versions of a Cottage Beauty quilt.  Hers is the nine block version (large wall hanging for her LR), mine will be only six and only a small wall hanging size..

These are some of her unfinished blocks pinned onto a design wall for placement.  They will be quite stunning when done.   I'll take some pictures of mine soon.  My colors are a little different.

I've also been taking a class on tatting on Saturday mornings.  I first learned to tat about 8 years ago but haven't been practising and I forgot a few things.  So, I signed up for the class and lo and behold when I walked in, the teacher, Sherry Townsend, is the same woman who taught the class I previously took.

Sherry is very talented and has a blog at where you can see her work.

Here is a picture of our class in progress  from Sherry's blogspot.  I'm the one in pink with my mouth open in awe ....