Wednesday, April 17, 2013

It's been too long since I've been here.

I have been away too long.  I've forgotten how much fun it is to blog.  I have changed the name of my blog to CheshireWools.  This matches my Etsy name and my labeling.

My knitting projects have grown. I joined the Rochester Knitters Guild last year and with that have come new adventures and new friends.  I joined a group that meets at Wegmans in Canandaigua on Wednesday nite for a few hours.  We have a lite supper and then knit.  People often comment about how much fun knitters seem to have and they seem to enjoy our laughter.  

On Tuesdays we go to The Legacy Senior Living Facility in Victor NY to encourage all of the residents who are interested in knitting through their projects.  We just finished doing a lap quilt afghan with them.  We will present it to them next week to do with as they wish.  I think they will probably raffle it off among the residents with the proceeds going to pay for the yarn and the remainder to a charity.

This is the lap quilt being blocked.  Margaret did all the joining and the edging. They are going to love it.

In April I had fun with my friends  at the RKG Knitter's retreat at Camp Stella Maris on Conesus Lake in the Fingerlakes Region of NYS.  
This is Dawn working on a knitted beaded bracelet.
This is Margaret.  A VERY accomplished kitter.
Marti is in front, Nina, our retreat organizer is in back being watchful. 
Judy is always energetic

The classes we took were great.  I am still working on knitted socks that have the most complicated instructions I have ever used ... The pattern is Fiesta socks designed by Lucy Neatby.  This is keeping me interested because of the complexity.  I get too bored when all I do is stockinette or ribbing stitches.  As you can see there are a lot of different stitches here. Fun.  I handspun and handdyed the wool. The yellow is a really springy 100% wool of Portugese Merino.  Very nice to work with and is a joy to knit.  It seems to be in short supply, so I am trying to get as much as I can.

Fiesta Socks from Lucy Neatby

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